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There is Greatness in Smallness

FingerART has a macro world view. The small-scale building kits are available in a variety of theme including from old fish market to modern architecture. Blank human body is also available and you can draw, paint and give life to them!

FingerART improves and refines the traditional paper craftsmanship.

Combining different themes and advanced engraving technology.
It is happy to build, display and collect FingerART which satisfy beginner to advanced users. All parts are in the same scale and the free-style creation is possible, you can create your own unique world!

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Live with Paper Art

The art of paper-cutting is a traditional art with a history of 1,500 years. After being reinterpreted and treated with modern craftsmanship, it immediately shows a fashionable appearance. Combining branded products with modern design aesthetics, traditional paper art has become a new design symbol that appears leisurely in each piece. The design works can not only show the spectacular exquisiteness of traditional paper art, but also the essence of culture and the modern sense of simplicity and refinement. It is a masterpiece of fresh and elegant, traditional and contemporary.


Miniature Model


Desktop Forest


Home & Living

The Team

Change Society with Paper Art

Since engaging in design work, our brand designers have always shouldered social responsibilities, committed to uniting the disadvantaged groups in Hong Kong, leading them to participate in the production of Hong Kong original products, promoting Hong Kong culture, promoting Hong Kong's core values, and helping the disadvantaged groups integrate into society. For ten years, most of the brand's products were produced in close cooperation with sheltered workshops.


We have incorporated a "work-friendly" design approach during product development, taking into account the productivity and needs of people with disabilities. Our designers introduce safe, clear, and easy-to-assemble designs for each part of the product, and provide proper guidance and exclusive utensils during the production process to minimize the difficulties students encounter when making products. Develop specialty products that meet commercial considerations and take into account the productive capabilities of people with disabilities.


It is hoped that through this business model, the public will have a deeper understanding and acceptance of people with disabilities. And understand that with proper support, people with disabilities can have a working ability that is close to or even surpasses that of normal people. In the process of participation, the self-confidence and skills of people with disabilities are also enhanced.


Joe Wong

Paper Art Artisit and Chief Designer

簡介 - 黃文翰, 紙藝術設計師 v2-01.jpg

The founder of the brand, Mr. Joe Wong, is both a paper artist and a designer. Joe has successively established his own brands POSTalk, FingerART and J.w. to develop paper art products that combine design with culture and art. Over the years, the brand has developed more than 400 characteristic cultural products, which are sold in Hong Kong, Asia and many European countries. Products include art gifts, miniature models, stationery, cultural souvenirs, home products and furniture. The brand products have also won some awards, including the Smart Gift Design Award, Hong Kong Emerging Brand by Hong Kong Brand Development Council, and GBA Cultural Creative Design Competition Award. The design of the brand has won recognition in terms of art, culture and creativity.

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